For Companies

Finding candidates from a wide range of underrepresented backgrounds and identities is time consuming and expensive. We at Ziversity want to make that process easier and more cost effective.

Ziversity is Canada’s only platform dedicated to diverse¬†professionals across Canada at all levels. We make your sourcing and recruiting of women, LGBT folks, Native Canadians, Black Canadians, and persons with (dis)abilities¬†more targeted and efficient.

Why partner with Ziversity?

  • Recruit: We bring together multiple groups of people in a way that makes sourcing and recruiting easier, only showing you the best candidates for your postings.
  • Build a Pipeline: Our platform is searchable, helping you build a candidate pipeline and send targeted job postings and event invitations.
  • Brand Yourself: Our intuitive technology makes it so your postings only show up on the dashboards of relevant candidates, ensuring the highest return on investment.

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