For Candidates

Get hired for who you truly are.

Ziversity is Canada’s only job community dedicated to diverse professionals across Canada. We want you to feel comfortable and safe expressing every aspect of your identity in the recruiting process.

Why should you join Ziversity?

  • Opportunity: We only work with top tier firms that have shown themselves to celebrate diversity in all its forms.
  • Personalization: Our intuitive technology only shows you jobs and events that are relevant to you, so you don’t get bogged down with every event or job posting.
  • Community: By partnering with awesome community organizations, you can check out tons of other experiences and opportunities that will help you grow your network and gain more practical experience.
  • Showcase your whole personality and identity: Add context to your experiences on your Ziversity profile to show prospective employers how each experience you had gave you practical skill sets you can use in the working world.

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