About Us

Employers want diverse workforces, but their methods for sourcing diverse talent are expensive and ineffective.

We think we can do it better.

By creating a platform made by and for diverse professionals across Canada, Ziversity offers women, LGBT folks, racial minorities, Indigenous peoples, and persons with (dis)abilities a safe space to showcase their whole identity and provide context to their background experiences. We only partner with top tier corporations with a proven track record of being an ally to all minority and diverse professionals. That way, you can trust that every opportunity you see on our platform is one that will not only “tolerate” your identity, but celebrate it.

In a world full of progress yet held back by many of our pre-conceived notions about what being a certain identity might mean, Ziversity seeks to break through those glass walls and ceilings so that all people can be judged for the unique value and perspectives they bring.

We hope you’ll join us on that journey.

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